Monday, May 27, 2013

Term 2 Holidays - Melaka Missionary Trip (24 - 26 May 2013)

Well I've just finished my 2nd Term STPM Examination and a semester break or Malaysian students would call it the mid year holiday has started.

Well, I would say that my 2 weeks of school holidays passed with loads of activities. The first day of my holiday I went to Melaka with my church members for a missionary trip. It was awesome and glad to serve and spread the words of God in new places which I've never been before. Throughout the 3 days 2 nights trip, we had performed a drama at Alor Gajah's Praise Assembly Church. It was magnificent and joyful. Then we went to Jonker Walk (a very huge night market) where we buy food and stuff after the church service. After that we went back to our apartment we rented at Bandar Hilir, Melaka. Surprisingly the rental price was cheap.

The 2nd day morning, we went to Dataran Pahlawan (Warrior Square) to shop for awhile. After lunch, we went back to Alor Gajah to visit Yayasan Sunbeam Homes where there we played and sang songs with the orphans there. Although they are orphans, but there always carry a smile and joined us for a game. I'm glad that they live with joy and happiness of God. After we left the orphans homes, we continued our journey of searching for food in Melaka. There we heard that the coconut milk shake is the best and so we went and tried it out. The moment we reached there we were shocked by the amount of customers waiting for their drinks. Wow. Finally we got our drinks and when I have the first sip of the coconut milk shake, I couldn't stop for a second. It was fantastic. Before we head for dinner, we take a walk at the beach nearby. Later, we had our dinner at the Portuguese Settlement. And then it's the end of day 2.

As for day 3, we went to Melaka Christ Church for our Sunday church service. And you may know the famous Red House in Melaka, right? That's the place we went for theses service. Later on, my sisters, a friend of mine and I went to A'Famosa Fort to have a glimpse of Melaka shore. The view was spectacular. And not to forget, we made some keychain with our name written on it. The person who wrote our name has a marvelous handwriting. I love it. And when it's time, we went down and quickly search for Durian Cendol. It's tasty. Around 3pm, we went to Tan Kim Hock to get some local delicacies. After that, we had our dinner at a near coffee shop which sells Chicken Rice Ball. It's an unique food in Melaka. When our stomach was filled, it's time to head back to KL.

This missionary trip gave me the chance to meet new friends from the orphans home and get the chance to serve God while spreading the words of God.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

3 Down, and 1 More to Go

2013 Term 2 STPM examination started on 20 May and it's going to end on 23 May.

Well for my first paper, it's Physics, which I've done my revision of almost all the formula, except for the last 2 chapter. *sob*
My whole section B was a sh*t. Just simple done it.

Then for the second day, General Knowledge (aka Pengajian Am) and Maths T. Erm, I guess that all the candidates were rushing for ideas and points for the essay part while busy drawing a nice graft as well as spitting out knowledge for structure part.
*Tick tock tick tock, sweat rolling down my forehead and cheeks... Tensions are intense.. *

As for Maths T, I have full spirit and faith for this subject. But when the moment I flip over the question paper. I started to panic as the questions came out are unpredictable. Some even I have no clue of what the question wants. For that moment, I felt that my life ended here. *dramatic music comes in*

What has been done, we can't change it. What matter now is to focus for the last paper -- Chemistry.. ~.~
I'm not good in this subject but I hope I can score well this time.

May God Bless me and other candidates who are going to sit for Bio and Pengajian Perdagangan, not to forget those who are having economy and others...

Friday, May 10, 2013

STPM Term 2 Exam!!

Oh my gosh! STPM Term 2 examination is getting closer and closer. The anxiety is increasing and the tension is building. Oh damn, Maths (T), General Knowledge (Pengajian Am), Chemistry and Physics, all subjects need to be installed into my head within this week.

Time is crucial, I have to use my time wisely. Otherwise, Doomsday for me.

Anyway, wishing all the best to the upper 6 students, including me, and always remember to stay healthy. Study Smart.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gathering of Malaysians

Today, Kelana Jaya Stadium was packed with thousands of Malaysians, including Chinese, Malay and even Indian. (approximately 80,000 people attend the gathering)

I didn't had the chance to attend the gathering held over there, but I bet sone of you might ask,"Why are they there? Standing under the rain, just to listen to Anwar speeches?" Well they were there because they want a clean election, they want to contribute to the country, they wanted to show how much we love our country, Malaysia.

Many countries envy our country because we can live in a multiracial nation peacefully and united. That's why many countries are supporting Bersih (Clean Election Movement) in our country and trying to fight all those dirty work during the election.

So Malaysians, I do hope that we all can stand together as one and work hand in hand for a better and cleaner election for our country. It is time for a change. It is time to UBAH!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Dream of Nothing

Sometimes, I ask myself, "why are you studying From 6? What are you going to be? What is your ambition? Or career?"

Well, I'm not quite sure what and why I choose Form 6. Maybe my mum want me to? Or, I'm just waiting for a dream of nothing. Technically I've signed up the AirAsia's Cadet Position to fulfill my dream of being a pilot. It's been a year since I filled the entry form and yet I still haven't received any replies. Not even a rejected email or anything.

So after a year, I've been asking myself, "What's next? I still have half a year to go? What shall I do?" Tons of questions are appearing in my head. I'm lost and kinda panic. Some more my eyesight getting worse as my short sightedness getting higher. I can't wear glasses when driving a plane. That's ridiculous.

When the time I got my glasses, I knew that my dream of becoming a full time pilot is fading away bit by bit. Then I thought, since I can't fly a plane anymore, why don't I fix an aircraft? It would be great too right? Well, I'm not sure. All I need to do is pray to Jesus and ask for guidance to choose my career. A pilot? A aircraft engineer? A civil engineer? Or maybe a preacher?

Anyway, no matter what God has arranged, I hope that I can accept it and do the best for God. Oh, and hope God would arrange a great wife for me too. Hehehe~ ^^

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Darkest Day in Malaysia

5 May 2013

I woke up on 9 something and was getting ready to go to church. Just before going to church, I went to submit my poll in Under 21 Malaysian (U21M), since I'm still 19, and of course I voted for Pakatan Rakyat while hoping for a change this time. After that I off to church.

After my church service, I went home and accompany my parents to finish their mission as vote for a better nation. After they both had voted, we just enjoy our time having our lunch at a restaurant.

When I reached home, I logged in to my Facebook to update myself about the election. No so long, all the foreigners were arriving from various voting stations. Some of them were traveled by bus, and some of them were escorted by the police and Federal Reserved Unit (FRU).
Fearless and brave people who love the country as much as I do tried to stop most of them getting the chance to vote and determine our country's future. They do this because of patriotism. No free food, no free drinks and even no allowance. They kept defending till the last minute for voters to vote. These bravery spirits are much appreciated.

At the end of the day, it finally ended. Some area starting to create chaos which including tossing helmet and even durian. Glasses were shattered, human were injurted. But everything seems to be fine and okay.
About 6.00pm, the results of the poll that I submitted earlier had announced. Surprisingly, more than 90% voted for PR as for BN consists only 9% something. The results are outstanding. All it's left to do is wait for the PRU results.

Some of the non-official results are announced on few websites. At the beginning, it seems that BN is leading in the race of parliamentary seats. After sometime, things are changing as PR is chasing up. These were the moment that most of the Malaysians would like to see.
But somehow, the counting office faced a blackout and when the lights are back, a few boxes of voting ballots appeared from nowhere. And then, with these boxes of ballots, BN had out number and lowered the number of PR voters. What a coincidence? I don't think so. I bet it's a plan arranged by the BN as they are afraid of losing. And the best part is, the blackout was claimed that they are having Earth Hour event. Who would do such a thing during the most important moment for Malaysia? Can you just believe that? I couldn't accept this kind of bullshit.

At this moment, most of the results are out and the heart breaking news was BN has won most of the parliamentary seats. I know that cheating is wrong, but don't you think they've over cheated? Rage is building up.
When Najib said, "the opposition should accept the results with an open heart."
I just thought, "why must we accept their cheating results? Shouldn't that he should face his failures and let the opposition runs the government for 5 years?"

At the end of the day, BN won 133 seats in the parliament as for PR, they just won 89 seats. I'm hoping the next General Election is the time for the government to change and there will be no magic tricks and dirty election by BN.

I love Malaysia;
This land fills with various of life and resources.
But this great land is corrupted for years;
Hoping for a change in future.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

What Holds Malaysia's Future?

5th May 2013, the 13th General Election has ended by now. Anxiety and anger build up within my soul as BN had employed an estimated number of 600,000 foreigners from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Philippine, Pakistan and even Indonesia.

What our future holds? Who are the one to choose our future? Malaysians or the foreigners?

I felt totally disappointed as the police officers are protecting the foreigners but not the people in Malaysia. We obtained our blue identity card when we turn 12 and some other old folks get their red identity card at age around 60 to 80. But as for the employed foreigners to vote for BN, they just got their blue IC just in a few weeks. What? Heart breaking right? They have no rights to vote in the General Election. They have no rights to determine our future. They even have no rights or any available reasons to carry a blue IC which identical with the one we have now.

What is Najib thinking? Letting the future of Malaysia determined by the foreigners? Da Hell!

But in this day, I saw many brave people who loves the country and defended the foreigners from voting. Without any free food, drinks and even no allowance, these brave men and women had did the right thing, they faced the foreigners and policeman without fear. Salute to them!!

Well, the election has over and all we can do is just sit tight and wait for the results to be announced about 7.30pm.

Oh, and some of the results had been updated on the link below... Check it out... ;)